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Delivering innovative solutions with the customer in mind.

A Better Way To Build

Remote Processing believes that every project is unique. You don't need a one-size-fits-all board that needs extra work to fit your needs when you can come to us for a custom design. Instead of paying for extra accessories and parts you don't need, we'll work with you to create a single board that meets your specific needs without the fluff. Our engineers are here to work hand-in-hand with your design team to make sure it's the perfect fit, every time. At Remote Processing, nearly 2/3 of our time is spent on custom designs, while we offer a limited selection of standard boards for you to work with.


As a locally owned business you will have one-on-one support from our design and engineering team. We’re here to answer your questions whenever you may have them.

Perfect Fit

With our custom design services your new boards are guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your device.


Our engineering expertise spans more than 25 years. We can help guide you toward a better product by brainstorming your needs together.

Cost Effective

By eliminating extraneous parts and building toward a specific goal, we can save you time and money in development.

Long Term Planning

With off-the-shelf products you risk technologies becoming obsolete. We’re here to give you long-term peace of mind and convenient support.

Focused on the Future

We are focused on building a better world with the thoughtful application of technology. We want to solve real problems by designing better computers.

Meet the Team!

Jim Rogo

Lead Engineer

Michael Waterman


Pamela Berg

Project Manager

Now Is the Time To Make a Difference

Whether you’re looking for ways to control soil moisture or manage water pressure, or you’re working on the next big solar breakthrough, we are here to help. Our engineers are eager to join you on the way to a brighter future with the help of advanced computing technologies!

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