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Embedded Single-Board Computers


  • Modbus compatible
  • Wireless modem
  • 8 relays and opto inputs
  • 8-30V DC power in
  • 12V battery charger
  • 2 RS-232/485 serial ports
  • Operating system includes Basic for custom control
  • LED indicators
  • 2 Flow measurement pulse counters
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  • Compact 2.80″ x 6.20″ size
  • 15 uA standby current
  • 8 Channel, 12 Bit A/D
  • 28 Digital I/O lines
  • 2 Analog outputs
  • 512K Battery backed RAM/Real Time Clock
  • Display/Keypad port
  • Counter/quadrature encoder input
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  • Compact 2.85″ x 3.85″ size
  • 8 Channel,10 Bit A/D
  • Low power modes
  • 19 Digital I/O lines
  • PWM, analog out
  • 512K Battery Backed RAM
  • Real time clock


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  • 8 Analog inputs with gain
  • 5 mw Low power mode
  • Keypad and display ports
  • 1 MB memory
  • 33 Digital I/O lines
  • High speed counter/encoder input
  • Real time clock
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  • 1/4 VGA display port
  • 8 Channel, 12 Bit A/D
  • 2 Channel, 12 Bit D/A or 4-20 mA output
  • 49 Digital I/O lines
  • Battery backed RAM and real time clock
  • 1 MB memory
  • 2 RS-232/485 port
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  • 34 Digital I/O lines
  • CPU watchdog timer
  • 1MB memory
  • 8 Analog inputs with gain, 12 bit resolution
  • 2 Analog outputs, 12 bit resolution
  • High speed counter/encoder inputs
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  • 47 Digital I/O lines
  • 16-Key keypad interface
  • 2 RS-232 serial ports
  • 800 Line flash EPROM storage
  • 5V only operation
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AT 29C040A DIP

  • Replacement for Atmel
  • AT29C040A in Dip format
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  • Convenient operator interface, system setup and diagnostic functions.
  • Each keypad comes with a 36″ cable with connector and interchangeable weather-resistant keys.
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  • High contrast LCD character displays have LED backlighting for easy reading in outdoor environments.
  • Available in both 80 and 160 character configurations.
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  • Prevent noise problems due to ground loops.  Voltage differences between grounding points within a
    facility cause unwanted current to flow.  Using opto-isolated modules prevents ground current from
  • Eliminate direct connection from one system to another
  • Extend logic I/O to 240V AC or VDC
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  • Lithium battery maintains the contents of RAM for 5-10 years at room temperature.
  • Smartwatch adds a battery backed calendar/clock to the control computers.
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  • Screw terminals accept solid or stranded wire from 22 to 12 gauge
  • Two 26-pin  connectors for daisy chaining
  • Terminate flat cables with screw terminals for connection to field wiring
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