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The design process begins with you. You have an idea and an end goal. We have the means to make it happen. In general, custom design services work best for those who are expecting to order at least 200 boards, and can receive ongoing shipments of at least 50 boards at a time.

First, we will work with you to determine whether or not a custom designed board is practical for your application or if we have a pre-made board that will suit your needs with minimal changes. If a custom design is the most logical way to move forward, we will discuss all the details of your computing needs and create a quote. Each quote includes:

  • 2 Design Prototypes
  • Cost of production based on the quantities you intend to purchase

We will begin working on the design process immediately, but we must have a deposit to begin assembling your first set of prototypes. In general, the design phase lasts only a few weeks, but assembly of your prototypes may take up to two months. The timeframe of your design process will vary depending on the clarity of your vision and the complexity of your design. To be safe, you should plan for a 3 month timeline for the delivery of your prototypes.


Once you have approved a prototype, we move forward into production. The production process varies slightly depending on the number of boards you are purchasing. For the greatest efficiency and cost savings, production runs must be ordered in lots of 50 boards or more.

If you need to order lots of less than 50 boards there may be an additional fee assessed for the surface mount setup. For very small orders of 5-10 boards, all of your boards will be assembled by hand, but this typically increases the labor charge.



Throughout the design and manufacturing process Remote Processing will communicate with you to keep up with important milestones and delivery deadlines.

Important note: Remote Processing has been in business for more than 25 years and has remained a locally owned and operated business. Some customers are concerned about the risk of buying from a company that “may not be there tomorrow”. We have taken steps to address this risk by enlisting the help of an escrow or trust lawyer. We will provide all of the PCB files, purchase parts specifications, assembly directions, test documentation, applicable software and any other necessary documentation to the attorney. The lawyer will retain copies of all documentation, if, in the instance we go out of business, we are unable to provide delivery of your boards. All applicable documentation would transfer to your company along with manufacturing rights. This process is only a safeguard against us going out of business, it is not used if there is a delay caused by lead times or part shortages. In some cases there may be royalties due to a 3rd party.

We have done our best to safeguard our customers against any perceived risks associated with ordering custom boards from a small business. If you have any further questions, please contact us and speak with one of our representatives.

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